vine, vineyard, harvest, wine

These are the four magic words that are the basis of our passion and love for the work we do. In fact these four words describe the elements that govern our way of life. One vine – One wine.

The grape varietal dictates the vineyard as much as the vineyard dictates the grape varietal. Certain soils are suitable for different grape varieties, it is counterproductive to try to plant according to market demand. We can never forget that the quality of the wine in the glass, whether Barbaresco or Dolcetto, above all depends on the location where the vine is cultivated and the grape that is produced.

The vineyard must be managed with great care and with the understanding that the first thing to influence the quality of the wine is the work that is done in the vineyard, because, as an old farmers saying goes - that nature gives what she gets.

The harvest, which for us... is a second Christmas! It is a time of celebration, however, it is also the most crucial time of the year. The harvest and the very important work that follows in the winery must be managed with rigorous attention.

And finally the wine the sweet nectar, the living thing that evolves and matures under the watchful eyes of the entire Busso family until the moment when it is ready to be tasted.